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A Brief Analysis Of Why I Complied With A Pointless Rule

I learned an interesting lesson about rules today.

I had an 8AM Tokyo-time Skype call back to the United States. Tokyo is notorious for its surprisingly poor WiFi, so I went to an internet cafe.

The internet cafes in Japan are interesting -- you get your own private cubicle that has a computer with a very large monitor and noise-canceling headphones, comfortable chairs, pillows, and sometimes blankets. In the rest of the cafe, there's also comic books, DVDs, and a selection of free teas, coffees, juices, and sodas. Sometimes they have other amenities for free or for sale -- often they'll sell dress shirts, do laundry, have showers, selling grooming kits, and sell other kinds of hot food and snacks.

The Mindset of Surmountable Fear

On The Mindset

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My biggest fear is failure. Failure to achieve, failure to accomplish, failure to triumph, failure to succeed. I fear the unknown. Not because of its possible endings, but because of the possibility that I might not be able to conquer the unknown. Yet here I am, alive and breathing, in my right state of mind, fulfilling my destiny, and pursuing a legacy. How do I do it amidst my fear? It’s simple…I overcome fear.

In order to overcome fear I had to first realize where it came from. Timothy said “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind”. I think fear is not addressed properly these days because we don’t talk about where it originates. Fear is not something that is obsolete. It’s a feeling that hangs around and lurks. Fear is a genuine state of mind; it’s just not a Godly state of mind. Once I recognized that fear didn’t come from God, it raised the question who does fear come from? The next time you are fearful of something think about where it came from and remember the Lord says “Fear not”. In fact he says it 365 times in the bible, see the coincidence?

Another thing I do to overcome fear is, I fight Fear with Fire. What do I mean by that? My fear of having a fear of anything is what helps me overcome. I despise fear, and like I mentioned earlier I know fear is not of God so my fear of fear keeps me from fearing the things I use to fear. Instead I use my fear to fight fear completely.

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