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Hey - Start failing more

One of the problems a lot of people have is that they don't fail enough. At this point, for me, I seen to have crossed some threshold where additional unintentional errors and mistakes isn't bother me. I'm on the edge of so many things I'm trying to learn that I'm finding myself confused or making errors that were obvious in retrospect fairly often.

And you know what? It's not so bad.

Some errors are embarrassing, some are ridiculous, some are obvious in hindsight. But a lot of things are falling into place too. I still don't like making mistakes, and give the biggest effort I can - but often my biggest, focused effort isn't good enough when I'm pushing the envelope.

But you know what? It's like, not much has changed. My life is the same life I had last month, except now I'm making more errors, and I'm also accomplishing a lot more stuff.

Maybe people don't do this because they make one error, and it kind of shocks them out of normal life. It gets easier. I keep trying to write down six things at the end of every day to do the next day, and then not doing them all the next day. But I'm doing a hell of a lot more than I was. Eventually I'll start going for 6 for 6 frequently.

Nyeh Im scared?

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

- My fear of losing you turns to a fear of loving you -

*sigh* what to say about it? Hmmm...well, its pretty much just that. Always, I've always figured love simply didn't exist. Well, not for me anyways. So when I did eventually and shockingly ( o.o ) fall in love, it terrified me. *Terrifies me.

Still confused as to what I'm even saying (which btw, is why I'm even writing this~) so apologies in advance > .

Well I guess I do not what I want to say, but I just feel odd typing it XD Ummm lets see~ love is weird concept to me, I want it, its nice...makes me happy but...its so...


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