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Some General Life Goals

Sometimes I get an idea and think "My life should be like that" - I try write it down right away.

I just leave this little things to work on in a file and look at it occasionally. Every now and then I'll make one of them active in my Time and Life Tracking and start paying attention to it every day.

Here's what's in the list right now:

Five folders:

Three Day Challenge Report

On Huan M. Nguyen

Wednesday September 25, 2013

Good day for the challenge. I began a tracking habit, that I think will bring good gains and help me to keep on track and be more productive. It's given me a boost of motivation for today, that's a good sign. What it looks like:

Just looking at this, I know I spent 1 out of 5+ hours I know that I had free time on campus studying. Some of it was spent on eating, and things went well there. The tracking also gave me a motivational push to do some meditation today.

Going forward, I think this will be a useful tool.

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