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How To Become A Faster Decisionmaker

Very good question from a reader -

Hi Sebastian,

Reading one of your latest blog posts you mentioned that you used to be extremely slow at making decisions. I was wondering if you have any advice on that. I usually have trouble making decisions when there is no clear pro's or con's to a certain choice. For example I'm not sure which programming language to use for my next (web) project.

Does it matter? No. All you need to do is output HTML, JSON or whatever data format you need it in. Python/Ruby have major sites written with them. I'm comfortable using both and don't really have a preference.

Somewhat frustrating that this holds me back when I could have built a prototype in the time I'm searching for "the right answer".

3 months

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

So today's date is 15.11.13 (state the bleeding obvious why don't you Kitty -.-) and its kinda a good day for me~ todays our third anniversary :) (Me and my boyfriend, I'm just gonna carry on using pronouns so~yep)

The past months have obviously been incredible, totally rollercoaster hehe and way more interesting than me day to day life, way happier. And during that time I think I've learnt quite a bit? Well at the least, I have experienced a lot and isn't experience supposed to make you wiser?

One of the first things I learnt is...it's ok to be yourself. Its ok if people don't like you, you're not going to please everyone, so why not please yourself? The people who matter will love you no matter what, they'll only want what's best for you ^ ^ I think I've become more confident now, in everything. Myself, physically and mentally, interacting with other people, confident in the future as well. Sorry for getting all sappy but it kind of feels like now he's here, everything will work out...I know its not going to be easy, nothing worth it ever is.

I guess now I'm just more confident in every part of me, the good and the horribly fucked up messed up shit : It's ok to feel shit every so often, it's ok to get really emotional, it's ok to suck at explaining things, it's ok to be craaazily jealous, it's ok to piss people off (him included ehehehe ¬ ¬)

With this new found belief that 'hey its ok', I've also become more open about my many many flaws and weaknesses, having trust issues obviously never helped with that ._. I still find it difficult as fuck to talk to my sisters or parents or other adults about my 'problems' or more so my feelings but with my friends, whether that's online or the people who are by my side every day, I find it so much easier to tell them what's wrong. I don't know if I'd class that as 'trusting' them but I'd say its an improvement :)

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