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Time Tracking v8

-------------------------------------------START OF DAY ROUTINE:Time awake/total sleep: Appointments today: Other time-sensitive things: What are today's biggest dangers?-------------------------------------------TOP SIX ACTIVITIES + EXPECTED TIME:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. --Total Hours Planned: -------------------------------------------QUICK CHECKLIST:Time started: Vitamins, stretch, brush, breathe, posture: Borderlands, celerity, gratitude, life goals: Time complete: -------------------------------------------ACCOMPLISHMENTS

-------------------------------------------TIME TRACKING:


Weekly Review 2015.01.09

On LL Change Labs

1. How'd I do?

Morning Routine: Pretty good. Spouse was out of town, so things took a hit because I couldn't go out for a run while kids were sleeping. So things didn't always get done in the morning, but I made everything up. Over the break, I have not been getting up at a consistent time, but I'd like to work on that.

Evening Routine: I am now officially tracking this -- sleep clothes, plug in phone, water by bed, sleep tracker -- just the basics, but it's a start.

Friday Review: missed until Thurs.

2. What got in the way?

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