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A Few Minutes of Reflection

I'm finding that a few minutes of reflection from time to time goes a long ways.

My natural tendency is to get into motion, to take action, to do things. But, I'm starting to see that I jump on trivial and mostly useless stuff sometimes for the desire to be in motion.

I was doing a review of my last week, and I came to a pretty amazing conclusion. If I'm working on big, important stuff with deadlines, the maintenance and day-to-day stuff naturally fills in the cracks, and things are good.

However, when my highest priority is maintenance/fill-in-the-cracks type stuff, I don't get as much done. Surprisingly, when I have less to do, even the little stuff doesn't get fully done.

So I'm starting to realize - just jumping into action without reflection isn't always such a good thing, unless it's clear what the most important thing to work on is.

Let's rule this

On Love, effie

As promised from the previous post, here comes the rules to protect myself from relationships, and guys, and whatever.

1. Trust no one. No exception.

I always think "oh, he's so sweet, he must be the one! He has to be different". Bullshit. If they can be trusted, they'll earn it. Like anyone else. This is the universal rule. (which I always break. Let's try harder this time Effie, huh?)

2. Do not obsess over him.

Oh. My. God. I already hate myself for this one. So, let's suppose I like a guy. What do I do next? I start texting him ten thousand times in a day. That's stupid. It's like a jealous psycho girlfriend, while we're not even dating. And no, we will not even date, like... Ever. Because of this.

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