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The Brief Regression

Have you ever had an incredibly amazing day or week, with huge breakthroughs… and then thought it would be permanent, when it wasn't?

I've spent immense time investigating this phenomenon. It's as aggravating as anything else imaginable. You're flying along, doing incredibly well, it seems like you've turned up to a higher level of production, productivity, creativity, teamwork, whatever -- only to sink back down, and sometimes worse than before for a while.

What causes this?

Well, there's old fashioned complacency or overconfidence -- which is why Tokugawa Ieyasu made his famous quote that, "after victory, tighten the straps on your helmet."

Not Being Angry Ever

On Tynan

I'm writing about this because we sidetracked a post in the forums and I thought it was interesting to warrant a full article. It's not so much that I want to ram my opinion down the throats of those who disagree with me (I do), but that I feel like my position is misunderstood and I probably didn't do a great job of explaining it.

I don't ever get angry. That doesn't mean that bad things don't happen to me (they do), but most people I know will tell you that they've never seen me angry.

The common misperception is that I don't deal with anger and I stuff it down somewhere. The theory continues that eventually I won't be able to contain it and I will unleash my rage. Or that I'll suddenly become depressed.

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