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In Praise of Mistakes and Embarrassment

I don't like making mistakes. In fact, I think I dislike it more than most people.

Yet, in any discipline that includes new and novel and pioneering things, mistakes must be made. This is not a good thing, per se. But it's not a bad thing either. It's just a thing.

Mistakes happen.

Embarrassment is something else entirely. The vast majority of mistakes won't be noticed by anyone else, but embarrassment is when you do something that you don't like how it reflects on you to other people.

While most mistakes can be fixed and then mostly shrugged off, I think embarrassment cuts people much deeper. In fact, I've heard plenty of anecdotes of a person getting embarrassed the first time they tried to do something, and then not trying again for a few years. Or quitting entirely, even.

remarkable, entertaining, informative

On Linus Rylander

In that order.

It's a useful little rule of thumb, or however you'd like to think about it, when it comes to creating content or ads or other marketing communications.

But by no means does it make the whole marketing puzzle resolve into clarity.

Every time I sit down to create a new marketing campaign from scratch. Or worse, trying to get a startup to work, I'm reminded of how goddamn fucking hard it is.

Anyone who is usually offended by the word fuck, and who has also been through this process, probably wasn't offended by its usage in this particular instance. Cuz it's fucking hard.

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