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The Joys of Public Accountability

On 16 August, I wrote, "Why Isn't My Book Done?" I committed to editing it and having it edited by August 25th.

August 25th: -Proofable -Cohesive -Able to sell the book without blushing

I set these goals with a friend of mine who is also a writer - it was a pretty ambitious goal, because I finished the rough draft back in February, and not much has happened in the six months since then. Now, I was going to get it to the point where my work is proofable and cohesive in just two weeks?

And yet, it's done. Actually, I'd still blush a little if I went to sell a copy, since I should clean up the formatting, add a title page, things like that. But content wise it's solid enough that I'd take a USD $20 note from someone and hand them a copy bound in hardcover, and I'd feel they got a really good deal.

If I hadn't set this goal and been accountable publicly, to my friend and to everyone who reads here, I wouldn't have done it in two weeks. Honestly - I'm pretty internally motivated, but I've had a lot of stuff going on the last two weeks, it wouldn't have happened. But it did happen, largely because I was publicly accountable.

Blogging: Week 10

On A Fixed Point

I thought it would be helpful for me to dissect the thought processes around my first "official" incursion into blogging so I can have a guidepost to look upon in a few months.

This is not my first attempt at blogging. One of my favorite quotes goes somewhat like this, I'm paraphrasing: "How you do one thing is how you do everything," but I've somehow been able to rationalize blogging as the ONE thing I didn't have to do like all the others.

I should have heeded the call long ago, when I met a prolific blogger and entrepreneur. The first thing he asked me was: "Do you blog?" I knew then that as much as I could contribute by commenting on his posts, there was a whole game being played that I was missing out on.

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