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The Joys of Public Accountability

On 16 August, I wrote, "Why Isn't My Book Done?" I committed to editing it and having it edited by August 25th.

August 25th: -Proofable -Cohesive -Able to sell the book without blushing

I set these goals with a friend of mine who is also a writer - it was a pretty ambitious goal, because I finished the rough draft back in February, and not much has happened in the six months since then. Now, I was going to get it to the point where my work is proofable and cohesive in just two weeks?

And yet, it's done. Actually, I'd still blush a little if I went to sell a copy, since I should clean up the formatting, add a title page, things like that. But content wise it's solid enough that I'd take a USD $20 note from someone and hand them a copy bound in hardcover, and I'd feel they got a really good deal.

If I hadn't set this goal and been accountable publicly, to my friend and to everyone who reads here, I wouldn't have done it in two weeks. Honestly - I'm pretty internally motivated, but I've had a lot of stuff going on the last two weeks, it wouldn't have happened. But it did happen, largely because I was publicly accountable.

The importance of being earnest

On Kicking Thoughts

As I continue my journey in life and martial arts, I've come to appreciate the importance of being earnest. Recently, I was lucky enough to be preset for a talk about leadership. Most of the discussion points were review for me, but there was one nugget of information shared which struck a chord in me.

"Who we are is defined by the commitments we make and the commitments we honor."

Whether you make an commitment in the work place, at home, with your friends or to yourself; the importance of being earnest should be applied with dedication. If you commit, don't cheat yourself and others by not following through.

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