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What Happens if You Have Open Hours to Talk to Your Site Visitors?

On the 24th of December, I wrote a post "Happy holidays. Let's have a Skype chat."

It's something I'd thought about doing for a while. Hey, why don't I take open hours to chat with people, and offer my take on anything a person is interested in. I've had a few other bloggers and website runners express curiosity with how it went, hence, this post -

The Good -

I connected with a lot of interesting people. In the guidelines to that post, I wrote "I blocked out 20 minutes for each call, so it might be a good idea to pick one or two things you’re working on or curious about before we get on the phone, because it could go fast" - most people did, in fact, have a couple items when they called, and we wound up covering a lot of interesting ground.

I wasn't sure how 20 minutes would work, but it worked surprisingly well. There was minimal chit-chat and how-are-ya's at the start, which is cool. I've never been a fan of smalltalk, and have always made an effort to move past it into interesting things as quickly as possible in real life.

Where online do people go to talk about other people's poems?

On like an apple

I have been brainstorming ways to get more participation in the "poem club" that I do on Wednesdays. It is nice to have an audience of sorts for my thoughts about some poems I love, but I wish I heard more about what others like, dislike, are indifferent to, think about, etc., when they read the posts. So I was googling, but I haven't found anything yet, so I am asking here: does anybody know of a sort of "poetry salon" online, where people have discussions about poetry that they like? I find lots of places for people to post their own poetry, and that's fun too. But I like thinking and talking about others' poetry and what about it makes it good. And I don't mean some graduate school class or some collective devoted to some particular ideology of poetry. I'm looking for casual, fun, non-academic, non-elitist, conversation about great poems. Like you are coming over to my living room, and we are just hanging out, feet up, reading favorite poems and talking about them:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="487"] Credit to apartment therapy and the lovely home of Karen Racicot featured there.[/caption]

Okay, I only wish that was my living room, but you get the idea (I hope). Where can I find this place? If you have any ideas, please let me know, below, in the comments.

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