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How Much Time Spent Measuring?

I got a good question On Twitter from @Carole_Fabre. She wrote:

@sebastmarsh Are you not afraid to fall infinitively in the mirror with all these mesures ?

@sebastmarsh and have you already mesure the time you spend mesuring ? :-)

She's half-joking, but it's a good point. Here's my thoughts -

1. Tracking should serve you, you shouldn't serve it. Your system should be lightweight and easy and fun to use. You should get much more results out of it than you put into it.

Not Liking vs. Not Knowing

On Tynan

Do you like racing big wheels down the hills in the rain? I do.

When I was in middle school, I was a picky eater. I didn't eat meat and I didn't eat any vegetables besides corn, potatoes, and artichokes. If it weren't for my parents cleverly blending all sorts of vegetables into pasta sauce, I'd probably be about four feet tall and be even skinnier than I am now. I told people that I didn't like meat or vegetables, but in reality I just didn't know; I stubbornly refused to try them.

This sounds ridiculous, but we do it all the time. We write off certain activities that we've never experienced, usually because of a lack of information. Recently I've been challenging my prejudices by doing things that don't particularly appeal to me. It comes back to the risk/reward idea: if I don't like the activity I've wasted an hour of my time (because I'll leave if it seems hopeless in the first hour), but if I do like it I might find an awesome new hobby or interest.

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