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Why I'm Very Skeptical of Genius

Gosh, I like the Wall Street Journal a lot. I like this piece, too -

No You Can't: "Is genius a simple matter of hard work? Not a chance"

I like the whole piece, except I disagree with the conclusions.

You'd need a certain baseline to be able to do the kind of work or craft you want to do. Enough to understand the discipline. But that's not such a high bar.

If you can understand the discipline, then, is it possible to make incremental progress every single week? Could you tighten your fundamentals, study related disciplines for synergy and crossover, and experiment on the hardest problems every single week?

Writing daily is hard so I include cavemen

On Mike Dariano

I didn't want to write this. I wanted to scroll to infinity on Facebook and Twitter and then clickity click at imgur. I wanted to flip over to my phone to see if the Twitter mobile app had something different than the computer one and to check the weather again, just in case things changed. Normally I don't get so distracted in the mornings. Usually I have a list of things stored in Evernote ready to spark my checklist checking desires. Checklists are like our last link to our primal ancestors. Seeing them gets me excited like some basic man observing a flock of prey. We both quickly survey the candidates choose the easiest one to go after and are rewarded with our effort by rushes of chemicals to the brain encouraging our success.

It's also important to have a plan. I had a poster in my college dorm inspiring me to find where I was because without knowing that I couldn't find where I was going. I bought it because it was pretty. It was also inspiring but I didn't like it because it was inspiring but rather it could be inspiring. It had the potential to inspire - if I ever found where I was.

I think the poster had it wrong, you don't need to know where you are but do need to know where to go. This post started out blank and filled up quickly once the ideas got going - but it's not a great post. The great posts will come after I continue to write every day. That's probably true for anything in life. Doing your 'it' everyday will mean that someday you get to where you are going, it worked for the cavemen.

Cavemen - besides our checklist link - just wanted to survive and have a full belly. So each day they ate and survived and now look at you. If you're reading this you have a full belly and internet connection. In turn you're doing something each day that will make the future better. Forget where you are, do daily something to get where you are going.

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