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Why I'm Very Skeptical of Genius

Gosh, I like the Wall Street Journal a lot. I like this piece, too -

No You Can't: "Is genius a simple matter of hard work? Not a chance"

I like the whole piece, except I disagree with the conclusions.

You'd need a certain baseline to be able to do the kind of work or craft you want to do. Enough to understand the discipline. But that's not such a high bar.

If you can understand the discipline, then, is it possible to make incremental progress every single week? Could you tighten your fundamentals, study related disciplines for synergy and crossover, and experiment on the hardest problems every single week?

Guest Post: The Gawande Method of Designing a Checklist

Shanna Mann graciously follows up “Want to be a hero? Start systematizing” with some practical guidelines -

In The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, he gives advice on how to design a checklist. The main problem? It's buried within the text. So I took the liberty of  creating a checklist of my own. Ah, so meta.

The first thing you have to decide is what the trigger will be for you to consult your checklist. Where you put it depends on whether you have a Do-Confirm checklist or a Read-Do checklist

Gawande reports:

"When surgeons make sure to wash their hands or talk to everyone on the team, they improve their outcomes with no increase in skill. That's what we're doing when we use the checklist." (emphasis mine)

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