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Guest Post: Letting Go of Your Ego Enables You to Live Without Limits

Matt Ramos kindly reached out to bring a guest post to us - he's all about exploring and breaking behavior limits, and he talks about that on his blog -http://30vanquish.com

Here's Matt -

Letting Go of Your Ego Enables You to Live Without Limits

“As soon as you try to step outside of the behavioral limits, it gets scary and nasty and ugly real fast.” – Sebastian Marshall

So why should it be so scary, nasty, and ugly?

6 Rules to Live By While Traveling

On Travel 'n' Wellness

I recently read a post on zenhabits.net, detailing 12 rules fitness expert Craig Ballantyne lives his life by. I figured this is a great topic to tackle for Travel n' Wellness by answering the question: "What wellness rules do I live by while traveling?"

Before delving into my rules, I'd like to separate myself from Ballantyne and the manner in which he laid out his rules.

In Ballantyne's introduction, he gives the example of vegetarians and how they're dogmatically committed to following a certain set of protocols. Vegetarians, he says, no matter the circumstance, will not eat meat. They've created a unique world perspective that includes a strong commitment to not eat the flesh of any living organism. This world perspective enables them to entertain guilt-free behavior congruent with personal goals.

Let me make something clear: Dogmatism should not be the goal in following any rules. When you follow something dogmatically, you often do so in the face of conflicting logical evidence.

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