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Guest Post: "A Primer on Collecting Late Payments"

From a friend who is an established consultant, who has both worked for major consultancies and run his own shop. He gives us these useful pointers today -

"A Primer on Collecting Late Payments"

Anyone who has ever done business has had occasional difficulties collecting payments from customers. Experience shows that putting some attention (in advance) on a couple of key items can help resolve the lion's share of these issues.

First general rule: Your written communication style and professionalism can go a long way toward inducing unwilling customers to pay up more quickly than otherwise.

Let me clarify these two terms:

Stop Alienating Your Friends

On Huan M. Nguyen

This applies especially for us nerds. If you've ever been called one, identify as one, or the 'label' is in any way relevant to you, consider really taking a good listen.

Being a 'nerd', we're used to being right, and often, it's all we have or have had. I used to suck at sports, at pretty much everything that didn't involve raw brainpower. I found solace in my logic and in being right, and especially in showing off my mental gymnastics.

This isn't good for your self-esteem. When you try to show off like I did, you're training yourself to seek external validation, and therefore, your self-esteem will fluctuate with others' opinions of you. You're literally giving away control of your life and emotions.

This also leads to a lot of arguing. Not always yelling and screaming, but a lot of unnecessary conflict. People like us tend to refute others' points of view that aren't in agreement with our own, or correct people an unnecessarily large amount of time.

In conversation, these kinds of things are really jarring. The very word 'no' evokes a defensive feeling in people. It's not good. It shakes up the vibe, and leaves the person feeling distinctly rejected. There's absolutely no good reason for that.

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