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Guest Post: "A Primer on Collecting Late Payments"

From a friend who is an established consultant, who has both worked for major consultancies and run his own shop. He gives us these useful pointers today -

"A Primer on Collecting Late Payments"

Anyone who has ever done business has had occasional difficulties collecting payments from customers. Experience shows that putting some attention (in advance) on a couple of key items can help resolve the lion's share of these issues.

First general rule: Your written communication style and professionalism can go a long way toward inducing unwilling customers to pay up more quickly than otherwise.

Let me clarify these two terms:

Boss Says Wrong Things…

On The Perfectly Good Vyrizky

Oct 7 2013

"Please, Sarah, you've got to be friendlier on the phones!"

As soon as I said it, several years ago to one of my employees, I felt horrible. It wasn't so much that I had said it- it was how I said it, in front of other employees. Sarah began to tear up, I pulled her aside and apologized, but the damage had been done.

Leaders must be sensitive to the fact that the whole team is looking up to them. Everything the boss says is magnified because it's the boss saying it. Two weeks ago, I shared 17 things you should never say to your boss, and over 700,000 of you read it, so this week, I turned the tables, asking 17 bosses from fast-growing companies in the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) what they thought the worst thing they could say to their staff is. Here are their answers- the 17 things the boss should never say- followed by mine:

1. "That Client Drives Me Nuts!"

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