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Gorilla Theory

Gorilla Theory says: We're all a bunch of fucking gorillas, and acknowledging this and acting accordingly will lead to better results.

Or something.

So today was Saturday, I was hanging out in the office trying to catch up on work when one of my younger staff come in. He's German, really high upside and talented guy. I hired him to do sales because he's got iron willpower, he's massively cocky, he understands rapid learning, and he's fanatic about measurement and metrics and systems-thinking. When interviewing and I asked him to rate himself on a scale of 1 to 10 in every skill, he gave himself mostly 10's. When "sales skills" came up, he said, "I've never done sales... but once I get started, I think 8 out of 10."

This, of course, rubs people the wrong way. My colleague had a, "Who the fuck is this kid?" type reaction. Me? I love it! I told him during our second interview that he's either an A-player or an F-player, and asked him some questions as to whether he's coachable, whether he can learn, how he handles (inevitable) rejection, etc, and I took him on.

He's blowing my expectations away.

Being self sufficient

On Non linear life

One of many things I admire about my dad is his persistence. This is demonstrated through his desire to be self sufficient. On the other hand it has taken me a lifetime to develop this skill. It may have taken him a while also, but I can only speak to the time I have known him.

Recently I tested my own persistence and self sufficiency with my lawn mower. It is is 25 years old. My son had been using it for a lawn service this summer, so it had received far more use than in the first 25 years. As a result a back wheel had disintegrated.

I went first to the local hardware where I purchase a generic wheel. First the wrong size. Next I realized the wheel needing replacement had a gear in it. New mowers are $300. I am frugal in some ways. The mower has a good engine. So I decided to order a replacement part. Once it arrived I was able to quickly fix the mower. Right parts + right tools = success.

Years ago this would not have happened. Maybe the first part of the sequence, but not the outcome. I had failed many times in the past and my reaction had been that I was somehow deficient. Why didn't I know how to do everything? (Note see posts on ego).

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