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The Right Questions

The answers are usually preceded by the right questions. If you don't know what the problem is or why an initiative isn't working, you can't start looking for solutions.

But here's the thing -- oftentimes, the right questions are incredibly painful.

Imagine being an Old Bolshevik in Stalin's Russia. Against all odds, you overthrew the Tsar and you think you're on the path to paradise on Earth. But... things start getting shaky and your old comrades start getting arrested. Would you ask, "Hey, what if Comrade Stalin isn't actually a good guy? What if he's a murderous sadistic bandit at heart? What if the courts are an abomination with no notion of justice? What if we're at terrible risk?"

You read that on paper. It makes sense. But for a person there, in Moscow, then, it would have been near impossible to ask. Where else would you go? What else would you do? Your whole life was Russia. You were persona non grata in most of the world. You spoke Russian, and your family was there.

Yet, you and your family were in line to get executed if you stuck around. You should have asked the question. You had to ask that question.

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