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Comment: "When I'm at my best, video games are not that interesting."

Matt C, on "Conceding Defeat – The Internet is Stronger Than I Am" -

When I’m at my best, video games are not that interesting. But at my baseline, I enjoy these kind of escapes. I feel a little guilty about it–I’d like to be high energy, high engagement all the time–but I’ve more or less accepted that I’m 3/4 take it easy and 1/4 let’s get to it. Maybe in time I’ll nudge those numbers a bit more, but it ain’t gonna happen all at once.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you too, Matt.

Fascinating stuff. Yes, I've had a similar experience - when I'm firing all on cylinders, distraction of any sort seems rather unappealing. I like the idea of nudging the numbers slowly - I think that's generally the path to success. Cheers for the smart comment.

The Blind Egocentric Mind

On The Geek Speak

Let’s get this straight – a big ego is a horrible color on anybody.

I’ve always been a modest type of person that looked after others. But, I’ve known many self-centered people that couldn’t fit their heads through the doors.

Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to put yourself high on the list.

In my opinion, people that have big egos are blind.

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