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Two thoughts for you if you go for a PhD

Got a question asking my take on getting a PhD. Well, that's not my field, but here's my take -

I don't have much of a background in academia, but I have some friends who do and some general thoughts. Actually, I got two thoughts for you if you go on to go for a PhD.

1. Study exactly what requirements are needed, and study the background of people who have gotten a PhD successfully and have written about it.

A lot of people try to reinvent the wheel or otherwise don't have a plan, thus leading to the tragedy and horror you talk about. This is just generally good advice anyways - understand the rules/parameters going in, and understand and model someone who has done it successfully.

2. Go for it as fast as possible. Prioritize quantity over quality in the beginning.

How The Ego Clouds Our Perception Of Risk (And What You Can Do About It)

On Cameron Chardukian

The ego’s an interesting topic. Although I’d like to think I’m a lot better than the average person in regards to managing their ego, I’m not sure I am, and despite making improvements in this area of my life I’m still frequently controlled by my ego. Like last week, the blog post and video aren’t exactly the same, but they’re similar enough you don’t need to consume both of them. Feel free to select whatever medium you prefer...

Moving onwards, something I’ve really noticed over the last couple weeks is just how lethal the ego can be in regards to success. Take pick-up for example. I’m no master pick up artist, but over the last couple months my social skills have dramatically improved, and I’ve learned a lot from going out.

One of the coolest things I’ve learned from the game is the idea of going all in and fully committing yourself to a social situation.

A lot of people go into social situations wearing a mask, and prevent themselves from investing too heavily into interactions in case they go sour. I’d suggest you do the exact opposite.

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