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Guest Post: Primer on Collecting Late Payments, Part 3

A Primer on Collecting Late Payments, Part 3

In my previous two posts on collecting late payments from customers and business partners I explained what I called the first and the second general rule to getting your money. If you haven't read them yet, and you are interested in getting better in this area, take a quick look and see whether you think following these guidelines can dramatically improve your results. In my experience, they can.

Just to paraphrase/summarize:

* Rule one emphasizes the overall importance of professionalism and good communication.

* Rule two stresses the value of making the payout and due dates a critical part of your formal agreement with the customer.

Salary Slips – good to know

On The Orange Octopus

Right to a pay slip

All employees are entitled to an individual, detailed written pay slip – at or before the time they are paid. The pay slip doesn’t have to be on paper as a hard copy – it can also be sent to an employee by email. The right to a pay slip applies to casual staff as well as employees. It doesn't apply to independent contractors or people working freelance.

HAPA (Human resource And People Appreciation), a HRMS application used by Small and medium scale companies across the globe, auto generates the pay slips, the moment the salaries are processed using its Payroll Management feature.

Also, the salary slips are auto emailed to the respective employees.

For details about HAPA click the link below:

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