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Try Losing Some Moral Battles and Winning Some Real Ones

I'm really thrilled to bring you a guest post by Dan Andrews. He runs a product development company in San Diego, runs the Tropical MBA blog, and the Lifestyle Business Podcast. Some really good insights on there, and he's a really solid guy too. Here's Dan -

Try Losing Some Moral Battles and Winning Some Real Ones

When you are bemoaning the success or victory of others, you are generally seeking to achieve a sort of victory yourself. Let's call this a moral victory. Moral victories are addicting. You can achieve them at will. They magically appear whenever you need a boost.

Moral victories do one thing: they make losers feel like they’ve gotten some victory.

Moral victories are popular with people when they feel like they have no real power to make changes in the world. This makes some sense to me-- building power, wealth, and influence is generally difficult.

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On Cameron Chardukian

It’s not enough to do what coach tells you to do.  It’s not enough to simply put in the time.  If you’re not giving it everything you’ve got on any given day you’re never going to make it big.  Rest and rejuvenation are important, but on the days you go to the gym you can’t just be going through the motions.  You have to push the envelope and see how far you can possibly go.

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