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Our Resident Merchant Marine on Bushido

One of the things that's been really cool for me here at the blog is watching the crowd that hangs out here develop.

The big thing I set out to do with the site was create a place I'd want to hang out online. I hang out at some pretty good places, but I wasn't able to find anywhere that was unabashedly pro-victory, pro-winning, very expansive, practical, pragmatic, and says it like it is. There's plenty of places with good people online, but not too many where people are willing to take the heat for saying it like it is. I try to do that - say it like it is, even though you sometimes suffer for it.

The community's really responded - I think there's a lot of people who've been looking for something like this. I know I searched for it, couldn't find it, and that's why I started building. So it's been thrilling having all sorts of smart people write great letters and emails to me, great comments, great stuff happening.

I love it, I feel so blessed. The site's my site - it's got my name on it. But the community can transcend that, and that's why I'm so thrilled that I can feature great comments and letters.

One such talented person is Jess, our resident merchant marine. She's left a number of really insightful comments, and it's a joy to read her thoughts. She's talented writer and talented thinker. Here's some of her latest insights from a letter, reposted with permission -

Getting In The Reps

I've been in a frustrating place lately. I'm sure you've been here too.

I'm trying to up my game across a few areas of business, creativity, and executing on projects.

Here's the thing -- my new work isn't measuring up to my minimum standards. It's not good enough to release.

This means I'm sinking a lot of time into work that's not turning into production. It's frustrating. I won't call it "soul crushing" -- that'd be too melodramatic -- but there is some sort of soul crushing aspect of grinding away on work that turns out to not be good enough.

And --

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