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A Realization About Japanese and American Superheroes

I finished Robert Ringer's "Winning Through Intimidation" and started reading Yukio Mishima's "The Samurai Ethic of Modern Japan." It's an introduction to and analysis of Hagakure. Hagakure's a 17th Century work on bushido and Japanese samurai ethics and living - I've got some excerpts of it here - "Excerpts from Hagakure, Chapter 1."

Reading Mishima, I realize something about the difference between Japanese and American superheroes and fictional characters.

At the most desperate moments, American fictional heroes tend to win by discarding their training and going with instinct and feelings. You see the hero who was beaten down and whose plans failed, who now "lets go" and thus wins.

At the most desperate moments, Japanese fictional characters win by unleashing and realizing the effects of their training.

A hallmark of Japanese fiction is the hero going through a long training period, but then not quite mastering his skill. Then, at his most desperate moment, the training kicks in to the full extent, and he wins.

Invest in Your Self and Don't Negotiate

On Life, Happening Now

There has been so much momentum, inspiration and growth just over the first 14 days of this #the100dayproject that today I take a break! I am completely exhausted from the "aspiring" portion of this phrenology diagram. Half-marathon training, and all this self-awareness and exponential growth - spiritual, physical, relational and emotional. I'm spent! Today I retreat into the domestic and creative depths of my mind, trusting that my active subconscious will go to work on all the information I've been researching, transform it into inspiration, and deliver it to me in power-packed motivation!

The balance of all our parts is so integral. As we approach burnout, our creativity will begin to run dry and we should seek recharge in creative perceptives, emotional nourishment, loving relationship, or spiritual reflection. Tonight, I've got some smooth R&B tunes on repeat, a nice glass of cab, a foam roller and some stretching to do. And later I plan on turning on a ridiculous comedy to watch as I drift into the domestic comfort of self-love and appreciation.

The balance of all parts of our self is so integral to the creation of a well-rounded and healthy state of being. Non-negotiable self care pays us back with inspiration and motivation ten-fold. Take the time to invest in yourself.

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