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First, don't collapse. Second, get what you can.

Question from a reader -

Hello Sabastian!

I have fallen in love with your blog and will be visiting regularly! Thanks for the incredible content. I just finished your blog titled “the evolution of my time/life/habit tracking” and it is awesome!

I consider myself one hell of a problem solver and I am very driven at times but I often find myself being held back by a number of things including financial stress, fear, and alcohol. None of the things I just listed have such a tight grip that I am losing my mind or anything but they do have enough of an impact on my life that I am well aware of how much they are holding me back from my potential. I probably spend 3 to 5 days a week on top of the world, kicking ass tacking names and getting shit done and 3 to 5 days a week being unproductive, stressed out and procrastinating.

I am well aware of the changes that I need to make and I am making them slowly but surely. Don’t get me wrong I am making progress, lots of it, but I am also impatient and that impatience makes it harder for me to accept the fact that getting to where I want to be is going to take a little longer than I would like.

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On Huan M. Nguyen

Lately, I've been having a weird feeling.

Back in middle school, I used to be a person that a few friends would come and confide to. I enjoyed it, and throughout high school, I even missed it. I don't know what changed, but that stopped, and I became that friend that needed emotional validation to pick up my spirits. I needed a recharge of my battery, so to speak, when things got rough.

My friend Joey was always there for me in those moments. I know now it was always a slight burden for him to be there and allow me to share some of the troubles on my mind; it takes a fair amount of emotional strength to keep your own spirits up at the same time you're trying to lift others' up.

Firstly, if you read this, thank you Joey.

Now, recently, I've been in Joey's position, and I understand why the proverb is: "It's lonely at the top."

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