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The First Four Must-Read Books For New Entrepreneurs

If I had to pick four books for a brand-new entrepreneur to read, which four would they be?

After some thought, I came to...

For where you're at, I'd recommend the following. "Principles" by Dalio is a PDF on his hedge fund's website, so no excuse not to grab a copy right now... one of my favorite pieces of writing ever on goal-setting and clear thinking. Then How To Get Rich has some good broad overviews, Ultimate Sales Machine is the best all-around marketing/sales/business development book I've read, and Getting Things Done is good for keeping things on track and not going crazy.



Internal Scorecard #5


This is the fifth week of me publishing an internal scorecard. Last week, we discussed aiming for a 70% hit rate on short-term goals, and gearing down if you missed to focus on fundamentals.

This week was a transition from that, with a lot of things to accomplish before transiting, but nothing particularly too crazy.


It's basically unavoidable that if you're traveling at a fast pace, you lose productive days to "travel days." You also potentially accumulate fatigue and jet lag, even if you're a veteran traveler.

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