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Please kindly note that I'm bombarded with email right now

I've set "clear email out" as a daily to-do objective every day for the last week, but haven't been able to do it. I'll spend a few hours answering and cutting down, and get even more while I'm doing it. The last few days, I've spent a lot of time with it and still wound up with more at the end of the day than when I started.

Some points to note:

1. I apologize if I miss something time sensitive. If it's short term important, please mark "URGENT" in the subject line. Normally you don't need to do that with me and I answer most of my email quickly, but I'm swamped. Mark urgent and don't feel bad about doing so if it's short term expiring.

2. If I haven't replied, it's not because I hate you.

3. If I'm terse, it also doesn't mean I hate you.


On 284

i used to hate washing dishes (Le mom of mine doesn't aLLow me to ask mbak jumanah to wash my underwears&dishes),, for me washing dishes is actuaLLy tiresome, time-consuming, oiLy, icky, you-name-it..

wouLdn’t the worLd be a better pLace if we aLL used disposabLe pLates&cutLeries??!? no,,

it struck my mind one day when i was doing the routine dishwashing after a meaL.. i know that i have to do it,, but why??!? this is a meniaL task and i have better things to do.. great peopLe didn’t have to do this,, why shouLd i even have to bother??!?

i was wrong.. the fact that washing dishes is the most basic task i can do after myseLf, is the fact that makes it important.. my mom is right,, if doing such a quick and easy task bothers me, how wiLL i handLe the Larger and compLex tasks in Life??!? if i don’t put my whoLe attention into cLeaning up the most simpLe task after myseLf, how wiLL i chaLLenge the bigger obstacLes ahead??!?

i’ve met successfuL peopLe who started at the very bottom and they fostered their growth with the seLf-discipLine and heart into everything they do (incLuding the smaLLest, mundane, and easiest task avaiLabLe),, no compLaints.. just doing it weLL one thing at a time,, that’s where they buiLt their character&mentaL habits to succeed..

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