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Scipio Africanus

I've covered some individual sections, but I'd like to specifically recommend the book. I've read better books, and I've read more succinct books, but I've never read a better and more succinct book.

"Scipio Africanus" by BH Liddel Hart is really wonderful. It looks at the events, analyzes the strategies employed, and puts them in historical context.

It moves fast. There's no fluff. One of the most impressive pieces of historical writing I've read.

Enough jumping around

On Gorilla Smoothie

I've had blogs before. I've had girlfriends before. I've 'gotten into' things that last for about a week. I've quickly become obsessed with fads and forgotten about them days later. I've spent most of my life a fickle person. I guess that's part of discovering who you are but I feel that I've known who I am, I just chose to cover it up with other things that will make me look more appealing to others. This blog is a step amongst others that is helping me to punish the self-conciousness that has lived in me for so long.

I hope you read on!

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