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A Priority Order For Work

Order Of Precedence For Making Calls At Start Of Day:1. Followup on Proposals (“Deals” category in Pipeline Deals)2. Generate Proposals (“Deals” category in Pipeline Deals)3. Fulfillment: Not 100% on Pipeline Deals, but can check “Work In progress” which is the purple tag in “People”4. RED Hot: Followup with connections that aren’t quite deals yet. RED color status in “People.”5. Warm Lead: Check the warm leads that are colored Pink. If they don’t have a next action set, do that before acting (since many of these we should let incubate for a while before contacting again).6. New Leads / Sales: No Tag and Grey color in “People”; work to set appointments.7. After this is complete, can move to planning and asset-building.


Before, we'd often act haphazardly when making calls. Sometimes we'd put time into categories #6 and #7 before categories #1 and #3... even though the latter set are infinitely more short-term, mid-term, and probably even long-term valuable.

We don't comply 100% with the system 100% of the time, but it serves a very good guidepost for the order of doing things. Do you have something like that for when you're doing business development at your own company or personal life? It'd be worth doing -- it's doubtful you automatically apply your time to the highest-value activities, even if they're equal difficulty (or sometimes even easier!) than other tasks.

Why? Because the mind doesn't work like that. Set an order of precedence. Think it through and build some clear fences around that, so you know when you're doing one kind of activity or another. I can near-guarantee it'll improve how you spend your time.

Internal Scorecard #10: Deeper Foundation, Taller Building


This is the tenth internal scorecard I've published. I started it as a bit of an experiment -- I thought it'd be interesting to share and show my thoughts on production and productivity, and it would be valuable for readers here to see ups and downs that come with building a nonprofit organization while maintaining a solo consulting practice, and then mixed with personal interests in creativity, health/fitness, etc.

So far, it's been pretty good and people seem to love these. This one covers 21 July to 27 July.


I remember reading a book as a young boy, maybe eight years old. One of the characters was described as square-jawed, confident, rough-and-tumble, and of bold nature. I thought to myself, "I want to be like that!"

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