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Paper As A Luxury Good?

It was surprisingly difficult to find a decent, high-quality notebook here in the heart of Taipei. I went to almost a dozen stores before finding one.

I was thinking, "What is this, is paper a luxury good here in Taiwan?"

And then it occurs to me -- maybe paper will be a luxury good in a few years. Probably tablet computers and other computing surfaces will be good enough at that point so that the loss isn't strongly felt... but it's not hard to envision a world where a standard paper notebook costs between $5 and $7, and you have to go to a specialty store to get it.

3 Easily Had Advantages For Your Notebook Usage

I use paper a lot. I think on paper. I fill up multiple notebooks per year with notes, planning, clarifying and working things out on paper.

It dawns on me that few people talk explicitly about how they use their notebooks, and fewer still write about it to share advantages.

I'm not going to write a treatise on notebook usage -- but I've got three tips I've adopted that I think are uncommon.

1. Blank Line At The Very Top

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