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Want to do some crazy world-changing stuff?

I'm looking for someone who is:

*Independent-thinking *Ambitious *Tenacious *Steady

For a really unique and interesting project.

It's about a month-long effort. It will be quite fast-paced, and a hell of a lot of fun. You'll be doing a mix of focused work and collaborating with very talented people, and we'll work hands-on quite a bit.

Email me sebastian @ thisdomain with your background. I'm less concerned about skills (which are learnable quickly) and more interested in personality and intelligence. Please give me your favorite example of a short/mid length project you did that was amazing. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Grizzly Man

On Bon Vivant Life

If you're looking for a fascinating look at nature and our place in it then I highly suggest Grizzly Man.

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