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Little Things That Make A Significant Difference

Any environment you're very familiar with, periodically scan through what you do there and rethink it.

I replaced a small water bottle in the gym with a 1.5 liter bottle.

It used to be, I'd have to refill my water bottle multiple times during a workout.

Now, I can slam a big water beforehand, and get through the whole workout with just one.

It sounds small -- it is small -- but it radically changes the experience to one that's more conducive to flow, and it eliminates walking over to the water area (it's a bit of a distance) and sometimes getting stuck waiting by someone.

Implementation Intentions and Goal Shielding

Excellent paper --


I implemented some of the core ideas from it, and it's -- like the research says -- good for about a 20% boost.

That means, it's not magical. It won't radically reform your life. But you will handle perhaps 1 out of 5 difficult situations better, for free. It's trivially easy to implement and has no overhead cost once you learn it.

Recommended for reading ASAP if you're into habit change and modification, clarifying your own thinking, etc.

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