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The Journey Through Fear To Influence, by Dan Redford

Dan Redford has built a life at the intersection of China/Michigan relations, doing international U.S./China business in raising millions of dollars of investment from Chinese clients into the United States. Knowing he wanted to be involved in U.S./China business, his first large opportunity came as a result of being a paid attendee covering the Shanghai Expo, and connecting with traditional media throughout Michigan as part of that trip. All along the way, he's connected with great people, lent a helping hand, and taken leadership roles in organizations.

In this interview to promote his GiveGetWin deal, a Group Class on Establishing Leadership and Influence, he tells his journey towards leadership and influence positions, and gives you extremely practical guidelines on doing that in your life.

"The Journey Through Fear To Influence" by Dan Redford, as told to Sebastian Marshall

My family really helped me become a leader. My younger brother is a famous basketball player where we're from. As the oldest of our family, it was a really big challenge for me. Seeing my younger brother rise as an athlete in the community and I didn't have to the skills to do that, it hurt.

I didn't pursue playing basketball in high school for a year because I anticipated my younger brother would be starting as a freshman and not wanting to compete with him.

Early On a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

So, last night, I attended the Art Flood Benefit hosted by Hands On Nashville at the Billups Art Gallery in East Nashville.  I got there just past 6:30 PM with the intention of scoping out all of the art and snatching one up before somebody else got their grubby hands on it.  Here's the blow-by-blow .  .  .

I stood at the entrance where I paid the $5 admission and where the attendant asked me how old I was and insisted that I show my ID (WHAAAAT?).  For sure, that was definitely a compliment.  Said attendant kept getting interrupted, and I grew irritated knowing that with each passing second somebody else would be buying an art piece that was more suited for me.  UUUGGGH.

Finally, I entered the gallery.  I was relieved to see that it was not your usual frou-frou and pretentious type of affair that these kinds of events tend to become.  Like a crouching tiger (hidden dragon), I quickly devoured each piece with my eyes to see if something resonated with me.  Several pieces actually did.  One of them was a piece by my friend Jessica Hill that somebody already bought.  Yeesh.  

The other was a framed piece that, while very reasonably priced, was still over my budget.  After doing a complete perusal of all the works for sale, I went back to the framed artwork.  Not only was it a gorgeous, impressionistic piece, but it was already framed AND matted.  I envisioned it sitting in the personal library that I hope to have some day, just by my comfy reading chair and ottoman.  

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