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We're doing a Tour of North America, which will be awesome. You should come.

The link is here to read the details:


The schedule is here, you can book tickets for free --


There's going to be some amazing speakers. Zach Obront, Josef Wasinski, and Kai Zau are tentatively slated to be in every city, with lots of brilliant people here and a lot of amazing other local speakers in their own cities like Jason Shen, James Clear, Joshua Spodek, Ted Gonder, and many more.

My Strategy for the JetBlue All-You-Can Jet Promotion

On Tynan

As anyone who follows my tweets knows, I'm going to be doing the JetBlue All-You-Can-Jet promotion. Because I'm flexible, I saved $200 and bought the five day pass for $500, which means that I can't fly on Friday or Sunday. The pass entitles me to fly from September 7th until October 6th for free on all JetBlue flights. This includes all taxes in the US, but not outside the US. I've been thinking about the best way to use this pass, and I'm going to share my strategy with you, in case you bought one as well.

Mostly International

There aren't all that many places in the US I want to go. Within a month or two of the promotion I will have been to NY, Boston, Austin and LA, which covers most of my bases. So I'm mostly seeing this as a ticket to get HUGE discounts on international travel for a month.

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