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On Consistent Success Over Time: Sky-Down Ops vs Ground-Up Ops


My definition of Operations, which I think is sound, is "the coordination of tactics over time."

It starts, actually, with philosophy -- implicit or explicit.

Philosophy: What's important and worth working towards, on the highest levels? What's worth living for?

So you decide, let's say, that "beauty" is important to you. You want to live in a beautiful world, philosophically speaking.

My Disney Experience

On Mike Dariano

If you woke up this morning hoping to read 3,600 words about a Disney vacation AND see pictures, then you are in luck. Instead of filling an entire week with posts about Disney, all the thoughts, comments, and ideas will be here.

A circle of our friends is in a Disney phase and my wife and I take bets on how quickly someone will bring it up when families get together. Last time it took twenty minutes, I guessed five.

This post has three sections.

Let's begin.

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