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Working full time, where to find time to start a side business?

Hello Sebastian,

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for the huge value that you deliver through your blog and your newsletter. I often use your advices, striving to become better and more self-disciplined.

I am a junior engineer working within the automotive industry. This is a demanding job and I work at least 45 hours a week. As I want to become independant (i.e. being able to work on my own projects from any place in the world) as soon as possible, I am starting to create my first business (I'm currently researching a niche market).

I have GTD'ed my schedule and eliminated most of worthless activities such as video games, TV shows and compulsive internet browsing.

The Paradox of Work and Being Proactive

On Ideas

Life has a weird paradox; when you are small you go from point to point just having fun with the world at large, loving every moment unconditionally and truly immersing yourself in the present. As one grows up and develops more abstract concepts of the past and future, suddenly planning for the future and analyzing the past become commonplace. Then after one is put in positions where they have to plan and analyze, whether in school, extracurricular activities, or in sports, the always immersed and relaxed side of oneself can become lost in the overwhelming amount of information.

This is when people begin to crave vacations and time off. People end up dreading work or school, because instead they want to play video games, watch TV  go to the beach, go party or do an assortment of things other than work. The reason why these activities usually captivate us is because they stimulate us and create an artificial form of presence. When you are watching a movie in a movie theater, you are usually completely captivated and immersed.

Ironically though, it turns out that the people who seem the most fulfilled and successful in life are the people who can overcome the need for stimulation and instead can create hyper focus and put themselves in the zone now. Some traits these people have are:

They realize that sometimes delaying gratification can bring exponentially more rewards

They are able to make themselves present in everything they do

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