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I Think Good Marketing Is Mostly Just Having People Want to Spend Time With You

I never really understood good marketing until I started to respect my own time more. These days, I'm trying to really live 24 hours per day the way I want to be living them. Do you know how much time there is in 24 hours? It's a lot.

Before I respected my own time, I didn't really respect other people's time as much. Don't get me wrong - I was always cool enough, I didn't waste people's time, but I never realized what a magnificent thing people choosing to spend their time with you is. There's so many good places to spend your time - getting entertainment, learning, connecting with good people, building things, inventing, relaxing, thinking, working. When someone spends their time with me, whatever the medium, that's a tremendous honor.

When someone comes to join me at my blog, reads something I write, listens to me speak, meets me for a coffee or we go on an adventure together - there's a hell of a lot of other places they could be, and a hell of a lot of other great things they could be doing with their time.

I think good marketing respects that. Good marketing goes, "This person could be anywhere else - let's make it worth their while." Kathy Sierra, Seth Godin, and Chet Holmes all talk about this - educating people, teaching them, making them want to spend time with you. Being entertaining, or informative, building a place people feel welcome, or strong, or get smarter at.

I think that's most of good marketing - having people want to spend time in and around you, your company, wanting to be associated with what you've got. The rest of good marketing is offering people something worth many, many times more than what you're charging. My current target is 10x - if I'm working to help someone build their revenues, I'm aiming to get them 10 times my fees in net profit, for a 1000% ROI. To be honest with you, I'll settle for 4x and 400%, but I'm aiming for 10.

I'm a woman and I'm not a feminist

On The Naughty Ostrich

Feminism is all the rage right now. If you are, you will be adorned and loved and if you're not then you'll be disgraced, shamed, shunned and eventually crucified ( think I'm exaggerating? I don't think so).

I'm not a feminist and proud that I'm not. You see feminism demands equality with men. As women we do so much more than men to be treated equally. As for respect we deserve more of that too. So the reason why I'm not a feminist is because I believe I deserve much more than to be treated equally as an asshole of a man at my work place and more respect from everybody especially men.

So before you go all campaigning for equality have a moment of self reflection to see your worth. If this is your ambition then I'm here to tell you that you have no ambition at all. Nor are you probably worth any respect from the opposite sex. Men are either our fathers who see us struggle, our brothers who are aware of our struggles, our significant other who know we struggle and our sons who we raise. They all know that we deserve more so settling for anything less is ripping out women's backbones everywhere.

Raise your standards ladies. And remember, to demand respect you must have self respect. Let's all treat each other right and stop degrading cat fights and back stabbing.. That's the job of Hollywood and politicians.

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