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I'm Realizing How Much a One Night Vacation Can Be Worth

I'm in Mui Ne, Vietnam for just one night. It's amazing here, really, it's paradise.

Before this short trip here, I never understood why people do a weekend getaway or leave the city they live for just one night. I always wondered - what's the point? I thought, "If you're going to travel, why not spend long enough to get the flavor of the place you're going? What's the point of going for one night?"

I didn't understand back then. I understand now.

When you're very attentive and taking great care of your time, two days/one night can be a lot of relaxation and rejuvenation. I did two hours of work yesterday in the morning before coming to Mui Ne, and an hour at the end of the day. I slept on the five hour bus ride here, I took a short nap while here, and I'll sleep on the bus ride back - so I'm basically getting 21 hours awake here.

Do you realize how long 21 hours can be when you pay attention to your time, nurse it, nourish it, and spend it well? Sitting by the water, swimming in the ocean and pool, having Vietnamese coffee, drinking coconut milk out of a coconut... ah, I feel like I've done so much living while here, much more than 20 hours of living.

I Have A Tanned Face And Killer Legs

On Turning Into Black And White

(^ I'm not exactly a neat freak, but this is what happens when I'm too stressed to care about what my desk looks like anymore)

So, summer has been a real killer so far. I took up 9 units (3 subjects) for my summer school, and because of rotten luck, I was in the 8th batch for enlistment, and I have a crazy schedule.

My first class, Economics, is a 7:30-9am class. And it's on one side of the Ateneo. My second class, Filipino, which is right after my Econ class, is on the other side of the campus.

Oh my God I run like hell every morning to get to my second class on time.

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