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From Era One: "Spending - How Much Does It Cost to Travel?"

This is from Era One, a 23 page writeup of my last year of travels, with some included lessons. I'm going to have a few excerpts of Era One this week, alongside our regularly schedule programming. You can download your free copy of Era One here - Era One - Download PDF

Spending – How Much Does it Cost to Travel?

I get this question a lot. People wonder how I can travel and hop around the world when I’m not working?

The truth is, it’s cheaper to spend a few months in a developing country than it is to stay in a city in the Western world. The expensive part is getting there – airfare. But after around three months, airfare+expenses becomes cheaper than staying home. Cheaper rent and much cheaper food.

I’ve got some friends here and there, so I might stay with friends for a while and get them gifts or take them out in lieu of getting my own place, but even renting a place can be done cheap. Like I said, I was paying $12/night in Seoul to stay in a jimjilbang. Now, if you lived in Seoul, you wouldn’t want to stay in a jimjilbang all the time. But for a month, paying $360 to stay at a place with a gym, sauna, pools of water/minerals, sleeping areas, restaurants, snack stands, and more – it’s a fantastic deal. Yes, I didn’t have my own space there. Yes, I had to check out during the day. Yes, there’s some hassle involved. Yes, it’s not always good sleeping. But $360, man. For a month. And that includes the hot rooms, cold rooms, the various mineral and herb baths, and all the weights and cardio I want. Fantastic.

The JLPT results are out!

On Mint Poodle

I was eager to check how well I had done, but I couldn’t get the right password. I kept trying to insert other passwords like those from my bank account, email, but nothing would work. Then I remembered I had chosen a super easy password because I was sure I’d have forgotten it by the time I’d have to use it. It was 00000000! Is anyone watching 별에서 온 그대, “You Who Came From the Stars”? I felt like 천송이 with her apartment password.

Anyway, I passed! I was quite happy and relieved. Looking back at what I wrote after taking the exam, I think I judged correctly on what were my stronger and weaker points.

I’ll now work in hopes of passing the N1 later this year in December! There is still so much I need to know! Now that my Japanese is graduating from the intermediate phase (can I really say that now?), I’ll go back to studying Korean. I had tried to study both simultaneously before but I got the impression they were interfering with each other. I can still read 한글 but I forgot everything else.

On a side note, last week I ordered 6 books for this new semester at graduate school. Today arrived the “Corporate Finance” book. There are 1045 pages until the glossary part, full of text and exercises. I’ll have a lot of entertainment for the next few months! *lonely tear* But really, I think I’ll feel better once I can understand everything in there. ~~

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