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From Era One: "Spending - How Much Does It Cost to Travel?"

This is from Era One, a 23 page writeup of my last year of travels, with some included lessons. I'm going to have a few excerpts of Era One this week, alongside our regularly schedule programming. You can download your free copy of Era One here - Era One - Download PDF

Spending – How Much Does it Cost to Travel?

I get this question a lot. People wonder how I can travel and hop around the world when I’m not working?

The truth is, it’s cheaper to spend a few months in a developing country than it is to stay in a city in the Western world. The expensive part is getting there – airfare. But after around three months, airfare+expenses becomes cheaper than staying home. Cheaper rent and much cheaper food.

I’ve got some friends here and there, so I might stay with friends for a while and get them gifts or take them out in lieu of getting my own place, but even renting a place can be done cheap. Like I said, I was paying $12/night in Seoul to stay in a jimjilbang. Now, if you lived in Seoul, you wouldn’t want to stay in a jimjilbang all the time. But for a month, paying $360 to stay at a place with a gym, sauna, pools of water/minerals, sleeping areas, restaurants, snack stands, and more – it’s a fantastic deal. Yes, I didn’t have my own space there. Yes, I had to check out during the day. Yes, there’s some hassle involved. Yes, it’s not always good sleeping. But $360, man. For a month. And that includes the hot rooms, cold rooms, the various mineral and herb baths, and all the weights and cardio I want. Fantastic.

Mission Statement

On The Very First EFL Teacher Blog Ever

After knocking out my introductory posts yesterday, I felt I had put too negative a tone on my arrival. Korean TEFL blogs are innumerable, and the vast majority serve as a medium to vent the day's frustrations. Some are for venting confusion and some are for venting boredom. Most, however, are for venting frustration at the general nature of things in Korea, with a few super random XD food blogs or carbon copy 'life in Korea' vlogs sprinkled in. So, aside from eschewing kimchi-oriented titles and Seoul/Soul puns, I think I'll write about what people want to read, like the funny things that I notice here. Hopefully I will remember to only bitch and moan about interesting things that happen, because otherwise I'm just wasting everybody's time.

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