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My Spending Over the Last 8 Days

Three weeks ago I added cash numbers to my weekly review. What I'd make actively, passively, spend. Two weeks ago the line on my review read:

What'd I spend this week? Not sure. Figure out expenses next week

This week it looks like this*:

What'd I spend this week?

Expenses: July 18: room $32, food $12, coffee $4 July 19: room $15, food $10, coffee $4, transit $2 [groceries $18, vitamins $66] July 20: room $15, food $0, no other expenses July 21: room $15, food $12 coffee $4 [groceries $3] July 22: room $15, food $0, no other expenses July 23: room $15, food $0, no other expenses July 24: room $15, food $0, no other expenses July 25: room $22, food $12, coffee $7 [groceries $13 - but bought at convenience store, and had to throw away two things I bought because pork was in it] 26 room $15, food $0 Total: room $144 ($18/day), food $46, coffee $19, groceries $31, transit $2 -> I also bought vitamins for $66, but that's a long term expense over the next two months, not an expense for just this week.

The Month and Year Ahead

On Mike Dariano

First a story.

There are some mornings I wake up and immediately jump into whatever project I'm working on. It could be things for work like grading papers and emailing students. It could be projects like writing blog posts or books. It could be finding cool people to share good things. It could be exercising or watching online videos or reading blogs. Those mornings are awesome. On those mornings I'm startled by the two inches of cold coffee because I was so entranced by what I was working on.

Then there are the mornings I don't want to get out of bed. I don't want to see myself, my children or anyone else. I don't have any projects, any emails, any students. I don't have blog posts to read or write or share. I try to minimize and the best way I've found is to start a project, and this is it.

For the next 12 months I'm going to tackle an idea a month, here they are:

The inspiration for this has been from a number of sources. James Altucher writes about living your best physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional life and I've wondered if I'm doing that. Gretchen Rubin and AJ Jacobs have both written books sharing their stories about living for a year with a singular purpose, me too. I intend to stand on the shoulders of these giants, though I don't feel like that's apt. That metaphor is for physicist. I'm more like a freshman cheerleader, climbing to the top of a human pyramid because my only skill is that I'm the smallest.

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