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The Inbox Monster Again

Two weeks ago, I wrote "Damn Inbox - I'm Not Doing Anything Until It's Empty" - and then I cleared it out.

Now the sucker is back up to 45 messages. How'd that happen?

I think here's what happened -

1. My email volume has been going up, and I haven't adjusted to a new routine for it. Before I'd go into my inbox, clear a third of it when I had free time waiting for something, and then do that twice more in the day, and it'd be empty at the end of the day. Now, I'm going to need to set aside more time for it.

2. I'm answering/replying/writing a lot more emails, so it feels like it should be empty - but then I'm leaving one or two messages there that weren't there at the end of the day. This is like spending more money than you've got coming in - it's going to catch up with you sooner or later.


On Another Place

Monday 31st March was World Backup Day 2014. No, I didn’t know either.

Even the most non-computer-using people need to be considering backups seriously if only because of the tons of photos you are likely to have in digital-only format.

Having fallen foul of lost data a number of times in the past, I have had a fairly intense backup system in place for a couple of years now. (To set the scene, I have in my household 3 desktop computers, one laptop, two iPads and two iPhones. Phew!):

All the above means that I have multiple copies of everything in multiple sites.

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