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Which martial art to study?

Quick request - a reader asked me which martial art he should study. If you're a martial artist or researched on the topic, please share your thoughts in the comments.

I got an email from a reader asking me about martial arts. I don't know all that much on the topic - I did some research, I practiced Krav Maga for a few months, and a lot of my friends art martial artists. But after I replied to the email, I realized I don't know exactly what would be best, so let's see if we can get more suggestions here.

Here's the parameters -

Also, a more personal question, and frankly the biggest reason for this e-mail: I've been meaning to learn a little self-defense and I want to know, what martial art do you recommend? I'm looking for something that emphasizes mental discipline, relaxed awareness and control, rather than raw strength, athleticism or physical toughness. Or do you recommend otherwise? I'm in my twenties and in Ok shape, although I don't exercise much (my height is 1.87 and my weight is around 85kg, if that's important).

Here's my original reply -

In the beginning

On Kicking Thoughts

About the time I turned 40, I realized that the dream of retirement was just that. I would not be able to putter around my house, filling my days with chores and projects that I had designated years before as something I'd do when I "retired".

Circumstances and choices of both my own doing and not; have created a future for me that will undoubtedly require I continue working in some way, shape or form for the rest of my days.

Truth be told, I never planned to really retire anyway. I have too many hobbies and interests that replaced the more traditional lists of chores and projects designated for the coveted some day of "when I retire".

At the core of my being, I'm an entrepreneur. I love the process of creation and problem solving. Which caused me to run a business years ago. I'm also a Martial Artist. As far back as I can remember into my childhood, I have been infatuated, enamored, obsessed (choose any or all of those words) with the Martial Arts. Black Belt theater was my Saturday Afternoon companion. Commercial breaks were my opportunity to practice flying kicks down the hall or kip ups on the carpet.

So, back when I turned 40 (not that long ago), I realized I needed to build something now, that I could do into and through those encroaching "golden years". Something that I was passionate about; something I would never tire of or think was a "chore" put off for retirement.

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