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Bobby Brewers Coffee, Vietnam

An interesting concept. Bobby Brewers Coffee in Vietnam - there's free movies here on the top floor, as long as you order food. The food is about 2x more expensive than you could get it on the streets, but still cheap. $2 for a coffee (you could get 70 cents outside), a meal is $3 or $4 (you could get $2 outside), etc.

Inside, they screen blockbuster movies, obscure-but-highly-reviewed movies, and classics. Last time I was in Vietnam six months ago, they were showing Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon, which I hadn't seen - way cool to watch that on the big screen.

Couple days ago I finally got to see Inception. Today I'm writing in here and waiting for "The King's Speech" to start.

It's a neat business concept - offer a free draw that's very exciting to customers, charge a high but not crazy premium for things people are used to paying for anyways. I'd recommend picking up the schedule if you're hanging out in Saigon. Food's not bad, and it's cool to catch a classic movie that I'd never seen before.

One Reason Waking Up Early is Amazing

There's probably lots of reasons. I always got a kick out of it when I was up before dawn. I'd think, "Everyone else is sleeping, and I'm awake and alive!" That's a nice feeling.

But I don't think that's the biggest reason.

I've been on the nocturnal sleep schedule plenty. Sometimes I'm in Asia, and I have calls back to the USA during USA-daytime. That means I'm awake at the night, and sleeping through the morning into early afternoon.

It's fine to wake up at 2PM, as long as you start working immediately.

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