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In Praise of the Iron Gym

One of the greatest joys in the world is the iron gym.

What's an iron gym? It's hard to describe. It's easier to say what it's not.

An iron gym isn't a fancy fitness club. An iron gym doesn't offer jazzercise. An iron gym doesn't have wooden panelling and beautiful adornment. An iron gym doesn't have awesome, clean bathrooms. An iron gym's locker room is spartan, at best. An iron gym has mostly free weights, with very few machines. An iron gym isn't a place to mingle with the opposite sex. An iron gym doesn't offer yoga or other classes. An iron gym has no amenities, niceties, or anything like. An iron gym is usually obscure, with nothing special in real estate. It's often in a basement. An iron gym doesn't have a salesman to give you a tour of the place and show you around, doesn't ask for a one year commitment to join, or anything like that. An iron gym doesn't have fancy membership cards, swipe-in/swipe-out, or anything like that. You just show up and nobody hassles you.

So what's an iron gym? It's a spartan, bare bones place with free weights and a few very basic machines. It's often dirty and disorganized. There's no classes offered there. There's almost never women in an iron gym, if you go every day for an hour you'll maybe see a woman once a week. Maybe.

And I fucking love it. I love being at an iron gym. It's just a place to push iron. There's no posturing, no showing off, nothing like that. If you need a spot, someone will give you a spot. Everybody's cool. People don't talk too much, don't socialize too much. Nobody's doing business or trying to get a date or trying to move up the social hierarchy. There's just one thing there. Iron. And you lift and it's good.

Early On a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

I have a few things to report on.  So here goes .  .  . 1.  Allergies are still wreaking havoc on me, but it's not as bad as it's been.  That awful cough I had is mostly gone.  I should be able to sing to full capacity at my Cafe Coco show in a couple of weeks. 2.   Due to a large amount of extensive physical activity lately, I've lost about three pounds.  I'm gunning for about seven more.  (Yay!!) 3.  I should finish work on my first cap this week.  It's made for a wonderful break from making scarves.  I have my sights on knitting an afgan-type-of-throw-thingy some time soon. 4.  Though I haven't really watched much of it this past year, I was rooting for Adam Lambert to win American Idol. Though I think Kris Allen is very talented, Adam is just so unique and different from anything else out there.  I'm sure both of them will become big stars. 5.  My CD will soon be available on a bunch of new online venues.  The first announcement should come this week.  (Hooray!!) 6.  I am intrigued by the a new film that will be out later this year.  I plan on seeing it in theaters when it does .  .  . [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn6vgh5mv0s] 7.  There is another photo shoot planned for this next week.  The new shots will be plastered everywhere and on all of my sites.  These are going to be very fun. 8.  There's lot going on behind the scenes with Oreo and Buttercup.  More on this later.  If you haven't checked out O and B's new twitter account.  You should.  It's the best way to keep up with their weekly shenanigans.

9.  Back to knitting, I have to untangle this .  .  . in order to finish this .  .  . This is the tangled mess I was complaining about on twitter a couple of weeks ago.  Uggh!!  I really want to finish this scarf, and I'll return to it once my new cap is done. 10.  Lastly, my little fashionista has been up to more dressing up lately.  She is certain not afraid of animal prints.  This giraffe pattern is actually quite lovely .  .  . The girl also loves nail polish.  Bless her little heart! Well, I thought I should take some time to leave a little update on what's going on. There's more to come for sure! Hope everyone has a great week!! -gordon

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