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Slow Fitness

Lots of people get out of shape, don't think about it, and then one day hit rock bottom or have a realization and go crazy to get into shape.

I'm not sure that's the best way to go about it.

I was pretty significantly injured in March (described here), and my fitness probably hit a low point in May. Now it's interesting - I actually haven't been on any sort of hardcore program since then, but I see my fitness levels improving.

I started working in movement and motion into every day. I tried to go for a walk, at least 15 minutes but ideally an hour every single day. No matter how busy you are, you could find time to do this.

I multi-task the walk. At the very least, I listen to an audiobook. This seven hours of walking time each week means I get through lots of audiobooks, which is great. I'm learning every day.

Market journal and 1st quarter results!

On Ideas in the Making

First I would like to start by saying I am incredibly disapointed in my performance, but also I realize I shouldn't have expected much considering this is my first time trading the stock market actively.Since placing my first trade in January I am up 66.25% which is really good I guess, but I was expecting, and with what I've seen I know its possible, to be making around 10% a week. This might sound crazy, but the stock market is absolutely on fire and here are just a couple of the mistakes I did

1. Traded OTC stocks without settled funds: In stock market trading you have a margin account that you use to trade stocks because it takes three days for each trasaction to clear. Your broker knows you have the money, and that it is just in transit getting cleared, so it loans you money so you can trade while you wait. as long as you don't borrow above your account's net worth you are in the clear unless you want to take on levereage. Unforuntately OTC stocks cannot be traded on margin, so if you buy them without cash that has settled (which takes 3 days) you can't sell them until 3 days later lest you incur a trading violation. I traded some OTC stocks I thought were going to skyrocket like this, and many did the first 1-2 days, but then came crashing down on the third day, and by the time my funds clears, I had lost all my gains and in sometimes taken a loss. I no longer trade otc stocks on margin

2. My biggest losses have been earnings plays: I played two earnings plays like an idiot and lost a lot of money because of it. Moral of the story, do not play earnings ever!

3. not having very tight stop losses on speculative plays: I have made and lost money on speculative trades aka trades you get in only because you think momentum will carry it up, instead of a catalyst or something of the like. I have also made a good amount of money, in fact most of my money on these trades because the market is just so crazy hot. Regardless A couple of times I didn't have tight stop losses, and these types of trades ethier go up, stay flat, or go down hard, so every time you lose you can lose alot. Moral of story: With speculative plays, aka trades not backed by earnings power/theme/catalyst, cut losses quicker than you normally would as things can get out of hand quick.and the risk reward is usually more like a lottery/casino (the money is in the pay out ratio not into the chance to win)

What I've been doing right

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