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Tokugawa's Generals, and Being a Great Follower

Good questions from a reader -

There are some questions I want to ask you about the shogun era.

Why didn't the generals around Tokugawa Ieyasu aim for more power?

What were their end game?

Planning, prioritizing and formations that I love in Heroes of the Realm

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Heroes of the Realm falls short in many ways for me, but it's planning and management is some of the most fun I've ever had. Today's typical building-lite side of the game is typical and, although I like managing and growing buildings, it's always too lite for my tastes. But HotR does have a lot of nifty planning ideas that I really love. I find them to be really fun and directly affect how my units fight.

HotR combines card-collecting with a bit of a strategy game, and it does some of this very well. You don't do any deck-building, but rather collect cards that represent units. There are some basic slots to outfit each unit, or card, with armor and weapons. These items can also be enhanced with bonus slots. The character's can gain experience and levels, allowing you to assign skill-points toward a selection of base-attributes at each level-up. It's not terribly in-depth character progression, but ultimately, you're dealing with many units, who each can grow and be outfitted, so it's really a nice amount in the context of the game.


As you grow past some maximum unit gates, you'll be able to control up to 10 units at once. This number can change based on how many points each unit takes up. Rare units take more points, which would reduce the maximum amount of rare units you can have in the same formation.

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