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Keeping Death In Mind

March 10, 2010. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Late morning.

I pulled on my swim trunks, trainers, and a tank top and walked out of my little guesthouse room, sliding through the cramped restaurant strewn with tables, and out into the hot, dusty air of Phnom Penh. It's a hot day. It'll be good to swim after lifting weights.

I said, "No no, thank you" to the tuk-tuk drivers offering to take me somewhere in the city, pushed through the little crowd, and out onto the street. The streets in Cambodia more resemble alleyways than streets, and I navigate around people and vehicles.

I went down to the end of the street, turned left, and skirted along close to the local restaurants, half-tent half-storefront type places to get food. I stepped into the crosswalk, the Hotel Cambodiana rising in front of me. I check right and then left, and I watch left as I cross, watching for oncoming traffic.


Bad Check Bounty Hunter

On Tynan

Ok guys, I've been a jerk. I'm free and clear from any sort of job but I work just as much as ever and haven't been writing here often enough. At least the adsense is gone! Now the only ad is my book. I hope that I make up for it here, because I think this is one of my best stories to date. Enjoy:

Austin, Dan, and I go to play pitch and putt golf. Pitch and putt golf is golf for people like me who are bad at golf. You have two clubs: a putter and a wedge, and that's all you need. The holes are short.

We walk up to the counter to rent our clubs and buy some balls and I notice a check taped to the glass counter. It's for $32 and has a note attached to it.

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