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The word "fair" is subjective, adds no valuable information, and I recommend against you using it

Paolo Maffei sent me a link to this intelligent site - edkless.com. I found this video on there:

It's a good video, I recommend it.

I'd go a step further than the economist there - I recommend you completely ditch the word "fair" from your vocabulary. As in, remove "I only do fair deals" or "This is unfair" or "I try to be fair."

The problem with the word fair is it's completely subjective and almost never adds valuable information to conversation. It's a hazy word that gets in the way of constructive discussion.

Deducing the Origin

On The Tiny Octopus

I just watched a Soviet Union rendition of Sherlock Holmes. Shockingly good. You simultaneously get the feeling that you're experiencing genuine Russian culture and Victorian Britain at the same time.

Like many kids, Sherlock Holmes always grabbed me and captivated me. The winding-area on this watch is scuffed up; the previous owner was probably regularly drinking too much and winding it when hungover. Amazing.

And profitable, too, if you can apply it in business.

The easiest Holmesian deduction is looking for the origination of a thought.

So let's you meet someone at a party and they say, "You know, I believe in doing business fair and square... never cheating anyone."

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