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"How To Break Through With Your Work" by Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian's motto in life is, "When you’re not trying to fit in, you’re free to stand out."

Mars is an illustrator, designer, blogger, and consultant focused on helping you and your business stand out. He's edgy and embraces authenticity even to the point where his work can be quite controversial -- but he's also got brilliant insights and excellent artisanship. 

To promote his recent GiveGetWin deal where you can get a copy of his illustrated guide to branding and standing out, Mars sat down with Sebastian Marshall and opened up about reaching the highest levels of creative potential, owning where you're at, and becoming truly exceptional at your craft. Enjoy --

"How To Break Through With Your Work" by Mars Dorian, as told to Sebastian Marshall

I start my day with 2-3 hours of learning. After breakfast and before I do any work, I start learning and dissecting something related to my craft.

Warning: This Might Make You Quit Your Job

On On Reading and Living

I remember not hating my job (and my life), but not exactly enjoying it.

I remember reading Linchpin by Seth Godin.

I remember that morning in the gym, when I said, That’s it. I’m done. I quit.

These are my highlights (highlights, meaning I did NOT write these) from Linchpin.

This is how Seth Godin made me quit my job. Don’t read it if you don’t want to quit yours.

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