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Strategist Dictum 1: Do Things For Reasons

Strategist Dictum 1: Do things for reasons.

So, what is this is absurd strategist nonsense I'm always going on about?

Good question.

Reflecting today on the nature of the world, I believe I have come to the core tenet of strategy. The one from which all other tenets flow, the quintessential, alpha-omega principle of strategy, which is -

Do things for reasons.

Fantasy VS Reality

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

So we all live in reality, lets just establish that. But what's the difference? Im not talking about fantasy as in LotR or Star Wars so no magic or evil dark lords or anything, just 'something that isn't real'. Like dreams, whether that's something you have while you're asleep or dreams as in aspirations for the future. My question is - what's the difference?

Sure, reality is what you're living in now but you wont always be living in 'now', soon 'now' will become 'the past' so what does 'reality' really matter? Are you supposed to live in the past, the present of for the future?

So what if your reality is dark and difficult and hard? Should you live in the present then or live for the future? Dreams wont always stay just dreams if you work to make them come true right? Its finding the strength to believe that your dreams could become reality that's hard ^ ^ But once you believe, that faith will give you strength, give you a purpose :)

Fantasy~ something that isn't real, something that you've created, that you don' know could even ever exist. Something that excites you, gets your heart beating and a smile on your face, something you a give a part of yourself for, something that completes you.

Whether your fantasy is in your music, your art, your passion, your hobby, your hopes or even in someone else, just keep faith and work for it, it's going to be hard and you'll fall so many times but it'll be worth it! The day your fantasy becomes reality will be so so worth it!

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