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"Total Focus; Total Enjoyment" by Tynan

I'm thrilled that Tynan is coming to you with two things -- first, he's offering a breakthrough session through GiveGetWin. It's geared around doing more of the kind of excellent work you want to do, becoming more internally focused with your emotions, having a more enjoyable life, building great habits, and producing a lot of value in the process. There's five spots, so check it out now.

Second, we have this wonderful tour-de-force interview: it starts by covering how Tynan made the shift from unfocused to focused, how to derive internal enjoyment from things, useful actionable exercises you can do right now, Tynan's method and mindset for producing creative work consistently, how to set up great habits and an excellent mental and physical work environment, and how to make blogging work and similar endeavors work for you. 

Total Focus; Total Enjoyment by Tynan, as told to Sebastian Marshall

When I turned 30 and I had a minor freak out… I thought, "I'll be 40 in not long, and then 50… there's things I want to do in my life, and they're not happening at this pace."

Before that, I had a general idea of things I wanted to do and have in my life, but I went about in an unstructured way. It was good in a lot of ways. It made be a broad process, but not much depth.

Philippians 4:7: "…Peace that surpasses all understanding…"

On A Daughter Of The King.

I did something different this evening. Instead of the usual "turn up" Friday night, I decided to do something even more exciting, I spent time with God. I grabbed my Bible, my devotion book, and my journal and headed to Atlantic Station, one of Atlanta's greatest nightlife attractions. As I sat outside of Yogli Mogli and attempted to do my devotions, I became very annoyed at all of the noise. It was so hard to focus with all of the distractions going on around me. The loud music, drunk couples, crying babies, the sounds of car engines and other distracting noises, I was ready to pack up and leave. I begged God to help me focus and drown out all of the outside noise. Right at that moment, I was given the peace of God and my spirit was quiet. It was like God was telling me to focus on Him. Don't worry about what's going on around you, keep your eyes on my Word. After a few minutes, I was so engaged with what God was trying to reveal to me through my devotions, that I forgot I was located in one of the most popular and busy attractions in the city of Atlanta. It was one of the most peaceful nights I had ever had.

Being at Atlantic Station on a Friday night and still being able to hear God's voice showed me something very important. The busyness of our lives is like the busyness of Atlantic Station. We have work, school, children, relationships, family, friends, bills etc. However, no matter how hard or busy our lives get, God will always supply His Peace. Stop listening to the noises and distractions of the world, instead, keep your eyes focused on Him. No matter what's going on in your life today, continue to stay strong, stand on His word, and focus on Him. He'll never leave you. You're His daughter, remember.

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