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A Slightly More Cautious Take On Modafinil

"My Experiences With Modafinil" was a popular post that kicked off discussion. Here's a friend's take, who is feeling optimistic about it but also slightly more cautious:

I've just noticed the pattern, abnormally high productivity is inevitably followed by a funk for me. Three reasonable explanations come to mind.

* Important to recognize, it could just be a relative shift bias, where the high productivity makes my return to normal feel worse than it is.

* Could be a resource scarcity brought on by burning hot, in which case good nutrition and supplements should be able to make a good dent in it.

* Could be "damage" or "disorganization" caused by burning hot. If this is a real thing, I wouldn't be surprised if our brains have built in mechanisms to kill or cool down the engines while we repair. Overriding this mode is probably safe most of the time if the mechanism is conservative enough, but using neuroactive drugs to try to override completely on a regular basis seems dangerous to me.

I've been happy recently~

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

I've been happy recently :)

And yesterday, I tried to write, both a poem and a post and I failed both. Block I guess~ anyways, that's already off topic ehehehe >.>

Even though I've been happy, its not like I don't still get those moments, but lets just say ummm they're far easier to ignore. In general, just been a lot lot happier. I've noticed the change in me for a while, as have my friends and family, and hopefully that means something goooood~!

Still going to go through with all the *help* I'm going to be getting, oh yeah I need to keep you guys posted on that don't I ^0^

Hmmm I don't know how to explain this feeling, most of the time I'm looking forward to things, missing things of course, but it seems like I'm being far more positive or optimistic. Which by the way, I already am. I'm generally rather optimistic and more so, idealistic.

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