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Good Times, Bad Times

I've been theorizing on this.

For most people, their emotions move in cycles. It's not always so predictable as the image, but there's going up and going down.

During normal life, you do normal life stuff.

But I think the lows and highs call for different approaches.

Life Nomadic is Available on Amazon NOW

On Tynan

I think the people who pre-ordered for Haiti have had enough time to read the book, so now it's time to make it available to everyone.

You can buy the book here at Amazon!

In case you're new to the site, I haven't had a regular condo or house in 4 years or so, and have been traveling around the world and around the US. Life Nomadic a really practical guide about efficient traveling -- experiencing a LOT while spending relatively LITTLE. It has everything from travel stories I didn't publish on the blog to packing lists. If you broke it down, about 1/3 is life outlook sort of stuff, 1/3 is stories (maybe a bit less), and 1/3 is take-action-now howto advice. It will change how you travel, one way or another.

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