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Designers: Get Paid By Being A Primadonna

If you're a designer, or any creative professional, this might be the most important thing you read this year. My sensationalist headline aside, it's not about money or being a primadonna. It's about defining how you work, working how you define, having an environment of trust and respect and creativity, and otherwise getting the life you want.

Sadly, many creatives just trust that that'll happen… and it doesn't. They get taken advantage of. This needs to stop.

Some things in here are scary. You don't need to do what's unnatural to you, you don't need to do anything in particular in here, and you don't need to rush yourself. Any given suggestion in here might increase your income by 20% and cut your "client stress" in half.

I'll tell you my story in a moment, so you can assess my credibility and see if this is workable advice. (It is.) I'll give you recommendations on where you can learn more. In exchange, I ask just one thing - if at any point while reading this, you think, "This is one of the most important things I've read this year" - then you immediately share it with as many people as you can that you think it would help.

I think that's fair, do you?

Lessons Learned From Day 2 of Being a Temporary Stay-at-Home Dad

On Military Dad

My son and I have now managed to survive more than 48 hours without my wife and daughter. That's easily a record, and I think you could have gotten pretty good odds against it if you found the right casino or gambling site. Keeping with the theme of yesterday's post, let's break down how Day 2 went.

What I Learned

When Getting His Clothes in the Morning, Little Dude Doesn't Let Little Things Like Other Clothes Stand in His Way - I finally figured this out while trying to solve the following math problem: 2 People + 2 Days = 3 Full Loads of Laundry.

Little Dude's Homework is Intense - It's not necessarily hard in the normal sense of the word. He's only four years old after all, and I have a relatively solid understanding of the alphabet and animal noises. I can also successfully count to 20 on most days. It's intense in the sense that there are a lot of moving parts. When his older sister does homework, my contribution is normally looking at it after she's done and correcting a couple grammar mistakes. Just the prep work for Little Dude's homework gives me a headache. There's always cutting and gluing involved. This means that I get to spend 15 minutes playing the fun game of Find the Scissors and Glue Stick. One of his assignments was to guess how many cans of food he could stack without it falling over. His guess was a ridiculous 22, so I then had to find that many cans of food...I can barely find the fridge.

Where I Succeeded

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