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The Million Dollar Question

August 11th, 2011. Chiba, Japan.

A mix of confusion and awe as I step off the platform.

I must have made a mistake. But maybe a good mistake.

Birds caw and cicadas click gently, filling the warm afternoon air with sounds of nature. The train platform is open to the air and on the other side of the tracks is a high fence. Beyond it, a bicycle and walking path leading to a park.

Children are running around and playing in the park, but surprisingly quietly. Very Japanese.

Why Great Nations Fall- A look at Rome's fall and what the US could learn

On A Driver Minded Guy Living in a Passenger Minded World

"History repeats itself, and that's one of the things wrong with history." Clarence Darrow

This is a familiar quote to us all, but how often do you actually stop and wonder what we, as a culture or as a nation, are repeating? As a self proclaimed history nerd, I like to look back over history and wonder what has happened before and what are the correlations to what we are seeing, living, experiencing today.

The United States is often seen as the greatest nation since what nation? Rome. Before Rome, there were several kingdoms that had practiced domination of the region. There was only one that was as long lasting as Rome. As a nation, Rome was founded on the republic ideology and with this as its backbone, it brought in a new era of innovation, economic progress, and expansion. This was a country that lasted longer than any other kingdom did at that point in history. So why did it fall?

Like Rome, the United States has held a similar torch of achievement until recently. Unfortunately, there are a lot of similarities between where the nation of Rome found itself prior to its great demise and where we, as a nation, find ourselves. Here are just a couple of similarities: economic mismanagement, societal entitlement, decay in the military strength, influx of varying cancers. For this post, let's look at the economic mismanagement and societal entitlement.

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