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Willpower Isn't Enough

Jason Shen graciously contributed a new guestpost to the site -- his have always been popular here. He's running an online class on "The Science of Willpower, Habits, And Behavior Change" in January. Here's Jason --

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is one of my favorite films and the best comic book to film translation ever done. Nolan's take on Batman is gritty, heroic, fresh, and even somewhat plausible. One of my favorite scenes from the first film, Batman Begins, is when he is being trained by Ra's al Ghul on the art of ninjutsu. The key conversation I want to point out here: 

George St. Pierre pummeling your untrained face

New iPhone app: How To Cheat Your Way Thin

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For anybody new to fitness sometimes the hardest part is not the workouts or finding the time to get to the gym, but it's actually sticking to a diet which is going to make all the hard work in the gym pay off.

Most of us have never had to even think about our food choices. We go through our whole lives eating pretty much whatever we want, and then one day someone tells us we have to decrease our carbohydrate intake, or that we can't eat our favorite foods any more. That's no fun.

It's like a shock to the body, and finding the power to say NO takes incredible willpower. Willpower you've never had to use before. Just like when you started in the gym and your muscles weren’t so strong, your willpower muscles are the same at first, but over time they can get stronger.

Today we want to share with you a way of eating you may have never heard of, but it's proving to be getting incredible results for people giving it a go. The main reason is that it's a diet that allows you to eat whatever you want if you stick to the rules.

Let us explain...

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