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Willpower Isn't Enough

Jason Shen graciously contributed a new guestpost to the site -- his have always been popular here. He's running an online class on "The Science of Willpower, Habits, And Behavior Change" in January. Here's Jason --

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is one of my favorite films and the best comic book to film translation ever done. Nolan's take on Batman is gritty, heroic, fresh, and even somewhat plausible. One of my favorite scenes from the first film, Batman Begins, is when he is being trained by Ra's al Ghul on the art of ninjutsu. The key conversation I want to point out here: 

George St. Pierre pummeling your untrained face

Superhuman by Habit

On The Barely Shaky Baboon

i just finished reading a book called "superhuman by habit'. It starts off by saying that all great people are great because of their habits. If it wasn't for those, they would just be normal people.

It continues to say that all of us have a very small amount of willpower at our disposal, and every single choice we make drains a little of it. So the idea is to eliminate as many choices from our day as possible by habitualizing them.

The important thing is to work on one habit at a time, until it feels normal (usually 21 days). Then start working on a new habit. You can really stockpile lots of good habits one after another.

Eventually it becomes effortless because when it's a habit, it's what's normal, you wouldn't think of doing anything else. All great people have a routine built upon habits they instituted one by one.

I just need to be consistent. Doing it every single day, and not getting caught up in perfectionism. If I can't think of what to write on this blog (my new habit). Then I'll write about how I can't think of what to write!

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